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Print that leaves a good impression...

Welcome to ADP - the friendly printing company

Lets face it! Life is hard enough. When you want print - you want print. You want design, you want design, so on and so forth...Here at ADP we don't beat about the bush - we understand that you have a business to run. You want someone to take care of you, who you can trust, the first price is the best price. The quality is high, the turnaround is quick.You don't want to speak to the monkey, you want the organ grinder.Thats it. That's what you get with ADP. No nonsense - great service - with a person to talk to about your needs, big or small, our flexibilty allows us to respond when needed. Each person at ADP has years of experience within the industry - from origination, using the latest most popular industry standard programmmes, backed by the latest technology, to printing and finishing, we have simple systems to make your job flow through from start to finish, smoothly and efficiently.We may not be pretty, but with the wealth of experience within our industry...We are Effective...

A Tradition of Care...

ADP's priority is customer satisfaction, every job is afforded the same care and attention. ADP look at every job individually to ensure the most efficient, cost effective route through the production system, ensuring you, the customer, gets the peace of mind that we deliver on time at the quality you expect with the best price possible.

Talk to Us...

We try to save our clients money, By having good communication with our clients, we get an understanding of what they need, with advice on small or large jobs we try to make the pennies count.
For example: a client may order six pads of 50 duplicate sets at A6 size. We would advise having 8, as we can get 8 images on the sheet we print on, the sheet and the price is the same. Okay it takes the client longer to use them, but they come back, knowing that we have saved them money.

What ADP do best...

We produce cost effective design and print for the real world. You tell us what you need and we can make it happen. As you can imagine with the amount of experience we have within the design and print industry there is not much we cannot do. (but we are always up for a challenge!).
With a 92% client retention, we must be doing something right. Our aim is to build long term relationships with customers. 
If your company grows then so do we!,

Our core values...

ADP prides itself that although technolgy has changed, our core values haven’t.
• Efficiency
• Quailty
• Cost
• Turnaround

With a customer retention rate of 92% and being in the privileged position that the majority of our new client's are with us through a recommendation from one of our existing customers is the biggest compliment anyone can pay us

Did you know...

The Definition for ACME is:
‘the point at which something is at its best or most highly developed.'
Keeping with our tradition ACME printing company changed it’s name 10 years ago to Acme Design & Print Limited (ADP). Bringing in new technology to the front end of the business to further develop its efficient service to its existing and new clients, it remain committed to the same core values.

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